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We in tanden with Bell Cooling with select the correct design and capacity of the cooling tower and type to suit your requirements based on your duty conditions  and application

Highest standards

Bell ensures the highest standards in term of selections of cooling tower capacity, type and model and builds study and efficient towers to last more than a decede comfortably subject normal to wear and tears, periodic maintenance being carried out with proper treated water in flow.

Professional Teams

Bell has to run by experienced technocrafts ably supported by qualified technical staff capable of designing large towers for stringent duty conditions for application in hvac, dg set, industrial process cooling power plant cooling, refrigeration etc.

They are backed by efficient sales team at Delhi and sales partner across in India

Amaricar Engineering is sales & service partner for Tamilnadu, Karnataka & Kerala based at Chennai

Creative Ideas

Bell is open to consultants, contractors, clients idea and suggestion to incorporate their specifc requirement in designing and building a cooling tower.

Parameters, capacity, dimension within to match duty conditions offering early delivery time and prompt installation and commissioning.

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Bell Range of Cooling Towers

Bell Cooling towers are into manufacturing and exporting various types of cooling towers like Induced Draught and Forced Draught Towers from 7.5 TR to 1000 TR in a single cell and 125 KVA to 2000 KVA DG sets. Bell has also specialised range of cooling tower for low noise applications both in Forced Draught and Induced Draught.

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cooling towers design & selection

Bell is committed to designing & manufacturing superior & study cooling towers to meet any stringent duty conditions to achieve optimum efficiency.

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Manufacturing & Dispatching In Time 
Tower Erection & Commissioning 
Performance Parameters Checking
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cooling tower manufacturers & suppliers

Amaricar offers from Cooling Towers from Bell Cooling to meet your requirement based your application and given duty conditions.

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Bell cooling Towers Projects

Bell has supplied thousands of cooling towers all over India the past 3 decades for various cooling applications in hvac, dg set, process, power plant & refrigeration. And exported to many towers to countries in Middle East, South Asia and Africa. 


Cooling Tower selection data

1) Hot Water Temperature entering the cooling tower from the condenser of the chiller / dg set / compressor in deg C or deg F:
2) Return Cold Water Temperature required from cooling tower.
3) Wet Bulb Temperature of the area:
4) Water Flow Rate in UGPM to the cooling tower
5) Refrigeration tonnage:
6) Application of the cooling tower: usage:

Bell Clients' Testimonials

We are glad to share testimonials from clients of Bell Cooling Towers from a cross section of users from hvac-mep contractors, hotels, institutions from various location in India.

Cooling Tower News

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12 Aug, 2020

Airport Authority of India, Trichy Project

Airports Authority of India, Trichy Airport Bell Cooling Towers under erection of 8000 TR as on December 2021.

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12 Aug, 2020

IICC Dwaraka, New Delhi Project

India International Convention Centre, Dwaraka, New Delhi Bell Cooling Towers under erection of 10,000 TR as on December 2021.

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12 Aug, 2020

Kalyani Tech, Bangalore Project

Kaylani, Bangalore Bell Cooling Tower under erection of capacity 8000 TR as on December 2021.

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