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cooling Tower Selection & Design

The Amaricar sales team closely interacts with Hvac & Mep consultants , contractors and clients in getting to know of their requirements and arrange quotes for appropriate models of cooling towers and best prices from Bell head office.

Bell Cooling Towers has a full fledged in-house design and technical team to select the correct and optimum capacity of cooling towers based on the operating parameters given by consultant or a client.

Parameters required to select and design a cooling tower Are:

1) Hot Water Temperature entering the cooling tower from the condenser of the chiller / dg set / compressor in deg C or deg F:
2)Return Cold Water Temperature required from cooling tower:
3) Wet Bulb Temperature of the area:
4) Water Flow Rate in UGPM to the cooling tower:
5) Refrigeration tonnage:
6) Application of the cooling tower: usage:

The given parameters are run on a customized computerized selection program with zero error of margin.The results throw up the selection of tower models giving the highest thermal efficiency.
Based on this- Bell sales team prepare a quote for the appropriate model of CTI certified induced draught or Non CTI certified induced draught or Forced draught cooling tower based on the application and client's or their consultants requirement.

cooling tower manufacturing Planning

Amaricar interacts with the consultant for approval of the model quoted and then gets in touch with the Hvac or Mep contractors to discuss prices and delivery terms to conclude an order on behalf of Bell Cooling Towers. In case a client is purchasing the cooling tower directly, Amaricar follows up with the consultant & client.

After an order is obtained, Amaricar coordinates with Bell to schedule the production ,arrange the supply on agreed dates to the client's site on a door delivery basis.

cooling tower Erection & Commissioning

After the unassembled tower components are received at site ,Amaricar coordinates with the Bell erection team present in all major metros to check on the tower foundation made ready by the contractor or client and if in order carry out the installation of the towers.

After completion of erection & installation of the tower ,and piping & electrical connection has been provided,Bell team asks the contractor or client to commission the cooling tower to check if the tower is performing as per given duty condition.

cooling tower servicing & Refurbishment

After Sales Service: Bell offers a standard warranty of 1 year from the date of supply.For specific projects,extended warranty of 2-3 years is given.

During the warranty period- Bell service team visits a site on receipt of calls within 24 hours period and rectifies faults if any.Bell advises clients to keep a spare motor and fan hub which are the critical parts for immediate changeover.

After the warranty period ,the client is advised to enter into an AMC which entails periodic visit by Bell service team to check on the running of the towers.If any faults are found without the requirement of change of parts ,the same is carried out immediately;viz:arresting any leakages,adjusting blade angle of the fan,tightening of bolts etc.

If any spares are required to be changed like pvc fills,nozzles,splash cupps,main header pipes,distribution pipes due to wear and tear or blockages due to poor water quality-the client has to order the materials and on receipt it will be changed by bell team.