Cti certified cooling    towers from bell

1. These CTI certified cooling towers are only designated as per Designed Parameters and Flow Rates and do not have a predefined TR classification.
2. These towers are pretested thru rigorous norms and data collected at site is very scientifically assimilated and fed into a Data Logger.
3. Towers achieving over 95% efficiency as per designed parameters is considered accepted otherwise the tower is failed. (Detailed Test Analysis enclosed)
4. The Best Available Heat Transfer Media namely MUNTER PVC FILLS are used with MUNTER DRIFT ELIMINATORS.
5. All CTI Towers are flushed with almost 30% additional CFM from Standard Series, to ensure performance in adverse conditions also.
6. All Towers are with Stainless Steel Hardware and galvanised Base frame.
7. The Selection of the tower is correct or not can be vetted from CTI web site wherein the Matrix for selection exists. The variation allowed is again only 5%.
8. CTI Towers also has a "L" series selection for Very Low Rpm applications coupled with the stringent performance selection parameters.
9. Specially Dedicated Skilled Team is there for installation of CTI Certified Towers by the Company and no sub contractor or outside agency is allowed to install these towers.
10. Continuous and Periodic Checks and Controls are administered by CTI on each manufacturer and every certified series has to be re-validated every year by performing tests at sites and if the tower tested falls below 95% efficient,the entire line has to be discontinued with immediate effect.