induced draught cooling towers from Bell

All the PVC fills are double folded with an automatic drainage system, producing a favorable pressure drop and a good protection against erosion. They are glued by automatic process and manufactured with German technology. The fills can easily withstand a temperature of 65'C. High Efficiency Drift Eliminators manufactured with German design ensure a maximum drift loss of 0.2% under standard design conditions. The sub-distribution pipes are made of rigid PVC with a testing-pressure of 4 Kg/cm 2.

The panels and main troughs are of corrosion resistant fibreglass with a longer service life and available in various colour choices. We use superior quality Isothelic resin and FRP matting, making the components stronger for withstanding wind pressures, UV sunrays and water treatment chemicals etc.

The Anixal Flow Fans are statically balanced and manufactured in strict conformation to renowed American Designs. All motors are of standard make TEFC, with IP 55 protection and co-guaranteed by the original manufacturers as NEI, SIEMENS, ABB and others. All the fans are direct driven, eliminating any gear box problems as experienced in others.