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   CTI USA Certified Cooling Towers

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CTI USA Certified cooling towers

World renowned series of cooling towers guarantying thermal efficiency and contributing significantly to savings in chiller power consumption.

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Induced Draft Cooling towers

All the PVC fills are double folded with an automatic drainage system, producing a favorable pressure drop and a good protection against erosion.

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    Induced Draught Cooling Towers

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      Forced Draught Cooling Towers

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Forced Draft Cooling Towers

Forced draught fan handles cold and dry air with much less specific volume and hence air flow quantity is lesser, for a given duty, than Induced Draught.

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DG Sets Cooling Towers

Bell manufactures induced draught and forced draught cooling tower for DG sets suitable for all types of enginees like Caterpillar, Kiroloskar etc

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                 DG Sets Cooling Towers